What’s Cooking?

2nd June, 2010: Posted by G.L. Pease in What's On the Table?

Tonight, it’s an elk chili, made with the Chili Canario recipe and a couple pounds of beautiful elk chuck that’s been in the freezer since last season. The house smells wonderful!

With it, some garlic braised chard, finished with an orange/balsamico reduction, roasted asparagus (which I’d thought to be the last bunch of the season, but the farm delivered another one today!), and gorgonzola polenta. A bottle of Archetype’s 2005 Cabernet/Shiraz blend is breathing. Dinner in 20 minutes!

Let us know! What’s on your table, tonight?

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  1. Ronny Thunér Says:

    Just had a small picnic in the garden no extra ordinary but ooooooh so good.
    Grilled chicken, ham and salami on a platter with fresh beans, pineapple, melon and two kinds of fresh-cheese (one with Provencal herbs and one with walnut) + two other mild cheeses.

    if i had your vocabulary it would been more interesting to read.

  2. glpease Says:

    Sounds absolutely fantastic, Ronny. My kind of picnic!

  3. Ronny Thunér Says:

    I was in Italy last week came home tuesday and i never had such food mania ever before. That a small B&B in a little village up in the mountains could hide a chef that brought me to my knees still eating, i gained 5kg in 4 days… Cagli eastern side of italy circolo gastronomico is the name of the B&B, the building is an ancient guard tower from the roman empire. 2-3 veg or fruit dishes followed by 2-3 pastadishes and main dish followed by delicious dessert. reknown for the tartufo (tryffel). Don Carlos have his workshop in Cagli and frequent visitor at this B&B, if you travel in Italy don´t miss out on this for the world. I was stuffed but kept on eating never happen before in my life, had to get new pants could not move hahahahaha

  4. Ronny Thunér Says:

    oh must add that i tried a dessert wine made from the dried grapes remaining on the plant Il santa i think its name was. delicious in small amounts.