Now, That’s a Spicy Pizza

12th January, 2010: Posted by G.L. Pease in Chiliheads, easy

An Essential Ingredient

I’d intended to go out for dinner one night, having been planning for it all day. At about 5pm, I was made aware that plans were changing, and that, though I hadn’t planned dinner, I would be cooking at home. Okay. Not a problem. Grumble.

There was still some nice grilled squash from the previous night, which, sliced thin, would make a lovely addition to a field greens salad with a balsamic vinaigrette. There was a frozen pizza Quattro Formaggi from Trader Joe’s. With a little doctoring, these things are quite nice. There was a jar of Mezzetta’s fabulous pickled Habaneros. (Actually, there was a six pack of the things that had recently arrived. They’re fantastic, and I always keep a few jars in the pantry. While I prefer fresh or frozen, they’re not always around. I’d used up all the Habanero paste I made up earlier in the summer, and the frozen stock was also depleted, so pickled it would have to be. If you like Habaneros, give the Mezzettas a try.) There are always some nice Parmigiano, salt-packed anchovies, jars of green olives, and plenty of fresh garlic. Sounds like dinner. Top that pizza with some spicy goodness, and it would be great.

The ingredients are all minced together to make a nice paste. Start with the garlic, smashed and minced fine. (In my case, I actually started with a martini. I figured being cheated out of my night out, I deserved it. But, Martinis are another subject.) Then, wearing rubber gloves, a whole Habanero (two, if I’m not feeding someone with a tender tongue) is added, the end cut off, the pickling liquid drained, and the pod chopped in with the garlic. A drizzle of olive oil helps to bring things together. Four or five minced anchovy fillets are then incorporated, and a half-dozen green olives, also minced. Finish with some cracked black pepper. Spread this wonderful mélange evenly over the frozen pizza,  then sprinkle with a generous handful of shredded Parmigiano, and shake on a little more olio. Bake. Finish Martini, or have another, while pizza is in oven. Eat. Sweat a little.

It’s not nearly as wooly as it might sound. I’ve served this to a lot of people, and even those who tremble in fear at the description end up coming back for a second slice. It’s delightfully delicious, and spicy enough to wake up the senses and give a good endorphin rush.

It’s a great recipe to add to your arsenal for those emergencies. Thank you, Trader Joe’s and Mezzetta pickled Habaneroooooos.


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  1. dgr Says:

    I’m hungry for this pizza…cooked on the grill out in the snow.

  2. glpease Says:

    To the clown who thinks SPAMMING another’s work is clever, I have ZERO tolerance for these antics, have already recorded your IP address, and cast your nonsense into the void. Now, go away.

    Vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie. Wave bye-bye!

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