Chili Casablanca!

Chili Casablanca was originally developed as the spice for an entry to a local chili competition. (Here's our recipe.) After months of fine tuning, its debut resulted in third place victory, but we think the ballots were stuffed.

See, the local Catholic Church took first prize, followed by the local tavern. Or, it might have been the other way round. But, no one can complete with God and beer, so we were satisfied with third. It's done better, since. We haven't entered any of the big competitions with it, yet, but maybe you will, and if you win, let us know!

The usual suspects are here: several different chilies, of course, paprika, cumin, but we add a hint of the mediterranean with other warm spices, and some "secret" ingredients. (You can read the label when you get it.) The result is not just hot and spicy, but layered with exotic flavours and wonderful depth.

Of course, you can make much more with it than a pot of chili. We'll add recipes and suggestions to the links on the sidebar, so come back often.