September Update, and Some Nice Spaghetti

16th September, 2010 -glp

That's Spahetti Cacio e Pepe over there, and it's delicious. Check it out.

Now, let's see. May, June, July, August, and here we are in September. That's pretty embarrassing. There have been lots of goings on over on the Epicure's Asylum side of things, including a nose-job. I really like the new design, and there's some added functionality in addition to its pretty new face. I hope you are enjoying it, too. There are quite a few new recipes, and a couple new links. It's probably going to stay in this state for a while; at least until I get bored with it and want to make a change. (Maybe I should just change my name to D.J. Webmaster ADD.)

But, that's not the embarrassing part. The fact is, here we are, still with no products. And, as I've said before, we're ready to pull the trigger on spice production, as soon as the logistics are in place. It won't be long...but, I've said that before, too, I know, and I'm as tired of saying it as anyone "out there" is of reading it, but reality is reality.

So, while you're waiting, please, hop on over to the Asylum, have a look around, read the recipes, cook a few of them, and leave some comments. I love all the nice email people send, but I'd love it even more if people left comments, onaccounta that's what makes discussions happen.

May Update

10th May, 2010 -glp

May is here, and with it comes sunshine, warmer days, the blooming of spring. Or, that's the way I'm told it should be. As I type this, I'm looking out over a wet grey sky, and listening to rain pounding on the windows. It's actually beautiful. Truthfully, I'm not really ready for spring's full sail arrival, and a few more days of bluster are welcomed. I've still got winter things to cook (like the Cauliflower Masala Soup shown here), and somhow, a pot of simmering soup, a deeply spiced tagine, a rich cassoulet just don't seem to fit me as well with blue skies and sunshine in the out-there. Besides, the garden needs weeding - seriously - and it's so much easier to pluck and plough when the ground is wet.

Not that I'll be doing that, mind you.

Most of recipes have migrated to the Epicure's Asylum, and it's a good thing. They're taggable, searchable, linkable and easier to maintain. And, the best part is, you can comment on them. There are more changes planned for the Asylum, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop there. In the meanwhile, stop on by, check out the new recipes, and read the reviews and editorials. And, don't forget to say hi. We love your comments!

UPDATE: I've been working away at the labels for Chili Casablanca and Marrakesh Sunset! The artwork is finished, and now all I have to do is write the copy, get the nutrition information on them, which is a bigger chore than it may sound like, add the ingredient dec (that's the thing that tells you what's in it), get the UPC barcode, add the net weight declaration, make sure everything passes muster (the requirements for this stuff are rather strict), coordinate with the printer to ensure the colour profiles are good, and it'll be almost ready to print. We're getting closer!

April Update

19th April, 2010 -glp

We've been migrating the older recipes, like the one for Chicken Marrakesh shown here, over to the Epicure's Asylum. This makes them searchable, which is nice, and they can be easily organized and tagged, but more importantly, this will enable you to share your own experiences with them. A couple already have, and that's fantastic. Take them! Play with them! Cook them as they are, or add your own flair, and tell us how it worked! Seriously. Cooking is about sharing, and you wouldn't be here if you didn't like, cooking, eating and sharing, would you? We love to hear from you.

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding a lot more content. Wine reviews, discussions on cheeses, more food, more cocktails, more discussions of all thing related to the passion of food. The Asylum is where the action is, so bookmark it, or better still, sign up for the RSS feed by clicking the link at the bottom of its page. You'll see it there. There are separate feeds for content and comments.

And, one of these days, I'll get the forums running...

We Got Swag

11th January, 2010 -glp

So, maybe it's a little premature to be putting out branded "durable goods" before we've even got production in gear with our real products, but we've heard from more than one person who said, "We love the logo. Can't we get a coffee mug?" Okay. One person, really. But, given the miracle of print-on-demand technology, and our desire to see our logo on everything, one person is all it takes to get the wheels of progress rolling along.

So, there it is. Over there. Our striking logo, in living color, emblazoning an 11oz ceramic mug, perfect for the morning coffee, the afternoon tea, or the late night Toddy. Be the first on your block to get one! (Now, we're just waiting for someone to ask for a Flavorevolutions apron. You can get a tall mug, too, or a nifty cap. But, we're staying away from the intimate apparel section. For now.

We are getting closer to production. There should be big news on that front within a couple of weeks. (I know, I keep saying that, but it's true. A wise guy once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." He did not say that as you get closer, the destination seems to approach asymptotically.) In the meanwhile, we're putting up a few recipes, and working on the site, and starting work on the Epicure's Asylum blog, and developing new products, and all the stuff that keeps us busy and happy and full of the passion that fueled the creation of Flavorevolutions in the first place.

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